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Management, Supervision & Consulting in Oil & Gas Workover & Completions, Construction Safety, and Business Marketing

Colin Waterman brings 14 years of experience in the Oil & Gas sectors specializing in SAGD operations with the versatile skills and knowledge of Single, Double and Slant Land Service Rigs. Colin Waterman is an outstanding professional & team player you can readily trust and rely on. Colin stands out with great sincerity, commitment & integrity. He is a steady leader with the ability to intuitively understand operational issues collaborate effectively and delegate tactically. With 5 years news press printing and 5 years large format digital printing, marketing & sales, Colin Waterman working knowledge and expertise is a passion he possess to offer in the Energy Sector and oil & Gas industry. Colin is a visionary leader committed to excellence & developing an environment that allows his team to deliver value and ensure client relationships are built on integrity.

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